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Panax Ginseng Roots 100 Gm
10000 ₦
Boost energy, fight tiredness. Improve cognitive function. Enhance immunity. Combat erectile dysfunction. Regulate blood sugar. Rich in antioxidant... Price: 10000 ₦
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 29-02-2024, Will sell
Carom Seeds/ Ajwain (1kg)
15 000 ₦
Carom Seeds/ Ajwain (1kg) - Natural Remedy for Digestive Issues and Weight Loss Carom Seeds, also known as Ajwain, are a powerful natural remedy f... Price: 15 000 ₦
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 07-02-2024, Will sell
Miracle Weight Loss Seeds - Croton Aworoso (250g)
9000 ₦
Activate your weight loss journey with these powerful Miracle Seeds. Say goodbye to constipation and hello to a healthier you. These Flower Seeds a... Price: 9000 ₦
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 06-02-2024, Will sell
400 ₦
Coriander seeds have numerous health benefits. They can relieve diarrhea and mouth ulcers, reduce skin inflammation and disorders, and lower choles... Price: 400 ₦
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 21-01-2024, Will sell
Walnuts (Hauled)
2500 ₦
Haul of Fresh Walnuts - Boost Your Health and Well-being! Get your hands on these nutritious walnuts, packed with polyunsaturated fats that are h...
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 20-01-2024, Will sell
7000 ₦
Pumpkin Seeds 500g - High in Fiber, Omega 3, and Antioxidants. Boosts Libido, Aids Weight Loss, and Improves Prostate Health. Prevents Constipation...
Chinaka Kenneth, Port-Harcourt, 20-01-2024, Will sell