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Sweet Corn Seeds, Ibadan
Sweet Corn Seeds
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Sweet Corn Seeds, Ibadan

Price15 000
Region: Oyo State / Ibadan
Sweet Corn Seeds - High Quality Varieties Available

We have a wide range of sweet corn seeds available for you to choose from. Our varieties include Sugar King F1, Royal Cob F1, Honey King F1, Green World F1 Hybrid Selection, and many more.
Whether you need a small packet of 250g or a larger 1kg packet, we have the perfect size for your needs. Each variety has its own unique characteristics and flavor profile, ensuring a delicious harvest.

If you have any questions about the yield and maturity days/period of each variety, feel free to chat with us for more information. We are here to help you make the best choice for your garden.

Don't miss out on our special discounts! Call us today to discuss how you can save on your sweet corn seed purchase. Start growing your own fresh and tasty corn salad with our high-quality seeds.

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